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St. John’s Dog Walkers

St. John’s Dog Walkers is a proud leader in the Pet Care industry, serving clients in Nocatee, FL. We can cover your pet’s needs with our wide range of services.

Experienced Dog Walkers

Certainly we have experience caring for thousands of pets which allows us to personally bring our supreme level of care, customer service, and attention right to your home. In addition our team of trained Dog Walkers are lifelong pet owners and will love your pets caringly! We provide personalized care for your furry family members and detailed information for each visit! Furthermore this includes dog walk times,  locations, distance, if your dog did their business and other personalized notes.

Certified Pet Sitters

St. John’s Dog Walkers employees also consistently maintain their Pet CPR and First Aid certifications. SJDW is a registered, accredited, bonded, and insured dog walking business. As leaders in the pet care industry, St. John’s Dog Walkers commitment to your pets is unwavering!

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Modern Pet Sitting Software

St. John’s Dog Walkers cares about involving owners with our walks, visits, and sittings. Thus is why we use “Time To Pet” software for all of our services. Time To Pet is a premium GPS applicable tracking app for the benefit of our clients and their furry family members.


  • Accordingly You will be able to see where we walked with a detailed map
  • Afterwards receive email and/or text messages when a walk/visit is completed
  • Additionally Pictures that were taken throughout the service will be provided
  • Including Details about potty breaks 
  • And a Visit Report with notes about the walk/visit

Dog Walking Services:

Dog Walking

Let us walk your pet’s daily walk routine for you!

Our loving dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friends, and take them on a private walk.

For this reason our professional dog walking services are top rated in the area!

Schedule one of our professional dog walkers today and your canine will get the exercise and attention he or she deserves.

Pet Sitting

Certainly we would love to visit your dog, cat, or other small animals to make sure they have enough food, water, and attention!

Our pet sitting services are fully customizable and tailored to your pets individual needs. Add in a walk or even some backyard playtime. Its totally up to you.

Our pet sitting & small animal pet care is purr-fect for your more independent furry friends.

Doggie Day Care (Discontinued)

In addition to our Pet Sitting service, we also offer private doggie daycare at our very own home. St. John’s Dog Walkers provides a safe and comfortable place between the hours of 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Feel at ease knowing your dogs are being cared for all day long right along side our own pups.

Restrictions Apply: Limited only to clients who have scheduled walks. Please contact us for more details.

Almost Overnight Dog Sitters

Basically an extended 3-hour evening visit plus a follow up morning visit that allows your pets to maintain their normal routine in the comfort of your own home.

Includes feeding, exercising, and cuddle time for 3 hours plus a follow up morning walk!

Dog Boarding (Discontinued)


We now offer overnight boarding services in our very own homes.

Surely you prefer to have you dog stay in a home and not a kennel?

Restrictions Apply: Limited only to clients who have scheduled visits. Please contact us for more details.

Frequent Visit Discounts

Discounts are available to those who use our services the most.

This includes Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Small Pet Care and much more! The more visits that are needed the higher the discount for every service. Let us ensure your furry friends are taken care of for the entire month with no worries!

Pet Transportation by St. John’s Dog Walkers


Also keep your pet’s daily routine, even when you have other plans to accommodate. Let our Professionals handle your pet’s busy schedule! We can
transport to the vet, groomer, day care facility and more!

Restrictions Apply: Limited only to clients who have scheduled visits. Please contact us for more details.

Pooper Scooper Service


Lastly St. John’s Dog Walkers are now offering weekly or on-demand Pooper Scooper Services. Let us do the dirty work for you. Since there is no need to be home, scheduling is easy.

Our employee’s will stop by and bag all the pet waste while your at work so you can walk through your yard with confidence.

Benefits of Dog Walking

Helps Keep Your Pup Healthy:

All in all a no-brainer, walks help keep your pup healthy, nimble, and agile.

Helps With Weight Control:

All things considered an overweight pup is not a healthy pup. In addition to regulating their diet, you should be doing your best to provide regular exercise as well to keep your friend in tip-top shape.

No More Destructive Behavior:

Another key point is regular walks, as well as other forms of exercise, can help reduce or even eliminate your pups destructive behaviors. Such as chewing, digging, or scratching.  Consequently dogs can be like children: If you are not giving them something constructive to do, you may not like what they choose to do.

No More Hyperactivity:

Evidently walks can help to reduce extra energy your pup may have, calming them down and alleviate hyperactivity, excitability, and even nighttime activity. Moreover a walk can help your pup to feel more relaxed and sleepier rather than restless at bedtime.

No More Unruliness:

In addition to chewing and digging, other unruly behaviors such as knocking over furniture or jumping on people can be a sign of pent-up energy.  Hence regular walks will help curb this.

No More Attention-Seeking Behaviors:

Constant barking and whining are common signs that your furry friend wants some attention from you.  Moreover regular walks can help stop them from constantly doing this.

Contact us today to schedule the pet care services that your pet’s need, from dog walking to any other animals that may need a little extra love and attention. We’ll send a pet care provider to almost anywhere in St. John’s County including Nocatee, Ponte Vedra, Palm Valley, Sawgrass, and Ponte Vedra Beach. We provide nothing but the very best in Pet Care, Dog Walking, and Pet Sitting services. Let us help you with your furry family member.

  • Lisa W. -

    Saint John's Dog Walkers are hands down the best.

  • Susan A. -

    I love St. John's Dog Walkers. Its such a relief to have them so close by.

  • Donna H. -

    Louie just adores Amanda. He is always so excited to see her.

  • Howard S. -

    St. John's Dog Walkers are dependable and very personable.

  • Rachel P. -

    I only trust St. John's Dog Walkers to watch Oliver. Amanda is absolutely the best but we love them all.

We proudly provide service to:


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St. John’s Dog Walkers Satisfaction Guarantee:

St. John’s Dog Walkers guarantees your satisfaction for every service that we provide with a full refund on a per visit basis. St. John’s Dog Walkers reserves the right to deny or cancel service after two (2) refunds.

General Policies:

• The Pet Owners must provide Saint John’s Dog Walkers, LLC with all necessary instructions for the Walker’s and/or Sitter’s duties.
• The Pet Owners must provide any/all medications or special needs instructions for each pet.
• Saint John’s Dog Walkers bills Monthly for regular clients and Weekly for occasional walks/visits.
• SJDW accepts Visa, Mastercard, Cash, and Checks
• There are No Contract & No Credit Card required to be on file.
• Saint John’s Dog Walkers employees will perform all duties listed by the Pet Owner to the best of their abilities, in a reliable, and caring manner.
• Saint John’s Dog Walkers is registered and insured.
• The Dog Walkers will keep secure & confidential all keys, passcodes, access numbers, and personal information.
• Dog Walkers will supply pet waste bags.
• Saint John’s Dog Walkers will not be liable for any injuries to the pets that are caused by animals or people when NOT under SJDW care.
• The Walkers will not be liable for any incident that occurs during pet transportation to a Vet, Kennel, or clinic, should this service be needed.

New Client Set Up:

A Meet and Greet with a manager and your dog’s walker are required prior to starting services. This consult is an opportunity for us to meet your dog and develop his or her routine.  Meet and Greets are scheduled Monday through Friday during normal business hours subject to manager and walker availability.

Key lock box will be provided during the consultation and will be collected by St. John’s Dog Walkers upon cancellation of services. Please have a copy of your dog’s vaccination records available for us during this visit. Also allow 20-30 minutes for the consult.

Scheduling Visits:

To schedule a visit, please call or email [email protected], or submit a request through our online management system, Time to Pet, by 5:00 PM the day before the desired visit. If you need a last-minute walk (added after 5:00 PM the day before), a $5 last-minute additional charge will be added to the normal charge for the visit.  “Tentative” visits are not considered scheduled until we get positive confirmation from you.

Cancelling Services:

Clients may cancel services up to 24 hours in advance at no charge. If cancellations are made less than 24 hours in advance, clients are charged a cancellation fee equal to 50% of the walk rate. Regular clients (clients having 10 or more pre-scheduled visits per month) receive one “free” cancellation per month if the cancellation is made by 4 PM on the day before the cancelled visit.

Last-minute cancellations (cancellations requested after 4:00 PM the day prior to the visits) incur a cancellation charge equal to the fee of the cancelled visits, up to $50.

Please note, as-needed clients may cancel service 24 hours prior to the scheduled visit free of charge. After this time, the cancellation fee is 50% of the service rate unless it is considered a late cancellation (After 4 PM on the day prior to the scheduled visits). Last-Minute Cancellations incur a cancellation charge equal to the fee of the cancelled visits, up to $50.

Time of Dog Walker or Pet Sitter Arrival:

Your walker will arrive during your two-hour time window. We cannot, unfortunately, guarantee a specific time within that time window due to the potential for unexpected delays that walkers may encounter throughout their day.


Our regular clients (clients having 10 or more pre-scheduled visits per month) are billed at the beginning of each month, prior to services rendered. If you have a credit card on file, you will be charged at that time. Check payments are due by the 10th day of the month. Any balances or credits resulting from added or canceled walks will be applied to the next month’s invoice.

Our as-needed clients are billed on the first day of the next month, and payment is due by the 10th day of that month.

If you have a credit card on file your card will be charged the first business day of the next month.

St. John’s Dog Walkers accepts Visa, MasterCard, cash, and checks. There will be a $35.00 charge for all returned checks.

Key Policy:

Key lock box will be provided during the consultation and will be collected by St. John’s Dog Walkers upon cancellation of services. St. John’s Dog Walkers does not collect or hold any clients house keys.

Dog Walker & Pet Sitter Sick Days and Vacation Days:

Occasionally, our walkers get sick or request time off. We will always let you know that your walker has requested time off and arrange for another St. John’s Dog Walkers employee to walk your dog. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you will have the same substitute each time, however, we make sure that each substitute is prepared.  All our employees are bonded and insured through the company and will always have a copy of your dog’s profile sheet so that he or she can keep the routine consistent and give your dog a great visit. The regular cancellation and scheduling policies still apply.

St. John’s Dog Walkers Holidays:

St. John’s Dog Walkers is closed for business on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, the Day After Thanksgiving (Friday) and Christmas Day.

Pet Behavior & Well-Being:

All dogs under our care must be up to date on their vaccinations.

St. John’s Dog Walkers cannot care for aggressive dogs or dogs with a history of biting. We reserve the right to refuse or terminate services for a pet that we deem as being a danger to our walkers. We will contact you immediately if this decision is made.

Inclement Weather/Natural Disaster:

St. John’s Dog Walkers will be closed if the Federal and/or State Government is closed for weather related events. If the Federal Government is open but public schools in your district are closed due to inclement weather, you can call us by 9:00 AM the day of the visit to cancel the walk without charge. St. John’s Dog Walkers will make all reasonable attempts to drive safely to your home and care for your pets as soon as possible in inclement weather. However, we strongly recommend that you give a house key to a trustworthy neighbor in case roads are closed, dangerous or impassable due to storms, heavy winds, floods, etc. St. John’s Dog Walkers reserves the right to cancel visits if walkers are unable to safely reach your home. The service schedule may be changed, interrupted, altered, or cancelled due to circumstances.

Time To Pet:

We use an online management system called Time to Pet for all our scheduling, invoicing, and record-keeping needs. Upon starting services each client is assigned a unique username and password which they can use to access the system. They have the option of altering their dog’s routine, requesting schedule changes, and viewing their payment history, as well as many other useful features.


Check out our helpful blog page where we answer frequently asked questions and share what we’ve learned over the years.