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Nocatee’s Trusted Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

St. John’s Dog Walkers are experienced pet sitters that understand each dog or cat’s own unique personality. Therefore we create a plan of action best suited to fit your pets lifestyle, challenges, and routines.

At St. John’s Dog Walkers, we are dedicated to building consistent, long-lasting relationships with our clients and their pets.

After your dog experiences a few walks with his or her pet sitter, your dog will begin to anticipate the arrival of their beloved dog walker

Your dog will receive private walks with his or her Dog Walker.

20 minute walks can be tailored to your dog’s personality. Whether he or she requires a swift walk or a leisurely stroll to sniff around and explore. One thing is for sure, they will get plenty of exercise and have fun at the same time. We’ll even provide pictures and updates on how your dog did on their walk for every visit.

(unless he or she has a sibling)

Many pets health problems can be prevented with proper exercise.

One of the best ways to keep our pets healthy is to provide them with a minimum of 20-30 minutes of walking per day. We understand how busy all of our schedules can be and it gets very challenging just to get our own exercise in. Luckily you have found a professional pet sitter service to help fill that gap . Perhaps you work long hours and just cannot make it home at lunch. This a perfect time to utilize a dog walking service.

Dog Walking Services & Pet Sitting Rates

Dog Walking

$20                20 Minute Walk

-Dog Walking Service Includes 2 Pets ($5 each additional pet)

-Timestamped GPS tracking plus pictures & detailed report

-Pet Waste Bagging & Disposal

-Outside Walk or backyard time (parent preference)

-Fresh food and fresh water (upon request)

-Wellness check

-Area inspection

-Discounts For Frequent Visits are available

-7 days per week. 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Pet Sitting

$19                15 Minute Visit

$24               30 Minute Visit

$32              45 Minute Visit

$40              60 Minute Visit

-Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Includes 2 Pets ($5 each additional pet)

-Pet Waste Bagging & Disposal-Outside Walk or backyard time (parent preference)

-Fresh food and fresh water (upon request)-Medication Administration (upon request)

-Wellness check, Area inspection, Parcel retrieval, Trash removal

-Special Requests – Lights, Blinds, Plants, TV’s, Mail, etc…

-Discounts For Frequent Visits are available

-7 days per week. 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Boarding (Discontinued)

$50 – Dogs Over 18 months

$65 – Puppies under 18 months

-$25 each additional pet

-$25 additional for late pick-up (After 6pm)

-Restrictions Apply

-Limited only to clients with scheduled walks

-Pictures & detailed reports are provided

-Outside Walks & Backyard Play

-Medication Administration (upon request)

-Discounts For Frequent Visits are available

-7 days per week

Almost Overnight

$85             3-Hour Visit

-Restrictions Apply
-Limited to clients with scheduled walks
-Includes 2 Pets ($5 each additional pet)
-Pictures & detailed report is provided
-Pet Waste Bagging & Disposal
-Outside Walk or backyard time (parent preference)
-Fresh food and fresh water (upon request)
-Medication Administration (upon request)
-Wellness check & Area inspection
-Parcel retrieval & Trash removal
-Special Requests – Lights, Blinds, Plants, TV’s, Mail, etc…
-7 days per week.
-7 p.m. to 10 p.m.

Pet Transportation

$22   30 Minute Increments

-Restrictions Apply

-45lb weight limit per pet

-Within 10 miles

-Includes up to 2 pets

-$10 each additional pet per client

-Discounts For Frequent Visits are available

Frequent Visit Discounts

20 Visits             10% OFF

30 Visits             15% OFF

40 Visits             20% OFF

-Must pre-schedule visits monthly

-Billed monthly only upon completion

-24-Hour cancellation notice required

-24-Hour re-schedule notice required

Doggy Day Care (Discontinued)

$35             1 Dog

-Restrictions Apply
-Limited to clients with scheduled walks
-Includes 1 Dog ($10 each additional dog)
-Pictures & detailed report is provided
-Outside Walk and/or backyard time (parent preference)
-7 days per week.
-7 a.m. to 6 p.m.

-Discounts For Frequent Visits are available

Pooper Scooper Service

$20   Per Week/Visit

-Restrictions Apply

-Includes Up To 1 pet

-$5 each additional pet

-Weekly or On-Demand Visits

-Discounts For Frequent Visits are available


St. John’s Dog Walkers provides our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, and we stand behind it.


Our employee’s have a lifetime of experience caring for animals. We deliver this experience, love, and care to every one of our client’s homes.


The pricing is steady and consistent. There are No Hidden Fees or fine print. Our pricing is strait forward and up-front.


Your online account is available to you 24/7 showing your upcoming visit times and assigned team member, then our software logs for you when we arrive, when we depart, and a “report card” for each visit.


We carry bonding and liability insurance with “pet sitters” coverage. All employees are covered by worker’s comp and medical insurance.

Team-Based Service:

Your neighborhood team is introduced to you in person, so if you live in Nocatee, Ponte Vedra Beach, or anywhere in between, you’ll know who will visit your pets for pet sitting and/or dog walks.

Individual Attention: 

Only one household served at a time (no “pack” dog walking).


Avoid interaction with others outdoors (no dog park visits, no greeting other animals)


St. John’s Dog Walkers employees will provide the sole pet sitting care for animals in our charge when their owners are out of town (no sharing with neighbors or other parties)


Without fail visit at least once a day while pet sitting (3 times a day recommended minimum for dogs) and absolutely NO skipped days when owners are out of town.


Receive a draft invoice with all visits and prices before each set of appointments, our software tells you when we come and go, and we provide an activity report with additional comments for every visit.

We uphold the highest standards and best practices in our industry. All services include our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

What’s Included in a Service Visit

Each service visit is customized to the care your pet needs. Whether it’s a playful visit, or a quiet soothing visit, a speedy dog walk, or a slow stroll-n-sniff, we can also perform these basic tasks:

  • Follow precise instructions
  • Monitor pet’s demeanor and health
  • Provide fun and engaging companionship
  • Walk dogs or play with puppies
  • Play indoors with pets who like to play
  • Water & feed as instructed
  • Clean up after pets as needed
  • Scoop litter
  • Change cages
  • Give oral medications
  • Administer topical ointments
  • Reinforce commands for dogs
  • Take out trash
  • Take out recycling
  • Rinse pet bowls and eating areas
  • Pick up mail and newspapers
  • Alternate lights & blinds
  • Adjust TV and/or radio
  • Water plants if requested
  • Check on overall security of the home
  • Document our visit on your account

Susan A. -

I love St. John's Dog Walkers. Its such a relief to have them so close by.

Howard S. -

St. John's Dog Walkers are dependable and very personable.

Donna H. -

Louie just adores Amanda. He is always so excited to see her.

Rachel P. -

I only trust St. John's Dog Walkers to watch Oliver. Amanda is absolutely the best but we love them all.

Lisa W. -

Saint John's Dog Walkers are hands down the best.

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