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St. John’s Dog Walkers now offers Pet Sitting in Palm Valley, FL.  In home pet visits tailored to your pets needs have never been easier to schedule.


We have experience dog sitting & pet sitting thousands of animals which allows us to personally bring our supreme level of care, customer service, and attention right to your home. In addition, our team of trained Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers are lifelong pet owners who will love your pets caringly! We provide personalized care for your furry family members which includes detailed visit reports with information for each visit such as Pictures, GPS maps showing routes/distance, if your dog did their business and other personalized notes.

Our pet sitting services are fully customizable and tailored to your pets individual needs. Add in a walk or even some backyard playtime. Its totally up to you. Our pet sitting service & small animal pet care is purr-fect for your more independent furry friends.

CLICK HERE to schedule Pet Sitting in Palm Valley.

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Certified Pet Sitters

St. John’s Dog Walkers employees consistently maintain their Pet CPR and First Aid certifications. SJDW is a registered, accredited, bonded, and insured pet sitter service & dog walking business. As leaders in the pet care industry, St. John’s Dog Walkers commitment to your pets is unwavering!

Pet Sitting in Palm Valley

$19                15 Minute Visit

$24               30 Minute Visit

$32              45 Minute Visit

$40              60 Minute Visit

-Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Includes 2 Pets ($5 each additional pet)

-Pet Waste Bagging & Disposal-Outside Walk or backyard time (parent preference)

-Fresh food and fresh water (upon request)-Medication Administration (upon request)

-Wellness check, Area inspection, Parcel retrieval, Trash removal

-Special Requests – Lights, Blinds, Plants, TV’s, Mail, etc…

-Discounts For Frequent Visits are available

-7 days per week. 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Certainly we would love to visit your dog, cat, or other small animals to make sure they have enough food, water, and attention!

Our pet sitting & small animal pet care is purr-fect for your more independent furry friends.

What’s Included in a Pet Sitting Service Visit

Each Pet Sitting in Palm Valley service visit is customized to the care your pet needs. Whether it’s a playful visit, or a quiet soothing visit, a speedy dog walk, or a slow stroll-n-sniff, we can also perform these basic tasks:

  • Follow precise instructions
  • Monitor pet’s demeanor and health
  • Provide fun and engaging companionship
  • Walk dogs or play with puppies
  • Play indoors with pets who like to play
  • Water & feed as instructed
  • Clean up after pets as needed
  • Scoop litter
  • Change cages
  • Give oral medications
  • Administer topical ointments
  • Reinforce commands for dogs
  • Take out trash
  • Take out recycling
  • Rinse pet bowls and eating areas
  • Pick up mail and newspapers
  • Alternate lights & blinds
  • Adjust TV and/or radio
  • Water plants if requested
  • Check on overall security of the home
  • Document our visit on your account
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Let us walk your pet’s daily walk routine for you!

Our loving dog walkers will come to your home, leash up your furry friends, and take them on a private walk.

For this reason our professional dog walking services are top rated in the area!

Schedule one of our professional dog walkers today and your canine will get the exercise and attention he or she deserves.

Learn more about our dog walking services here.

Lastly St. John’s Dog Walkers are now offering weekly or on-demand Pooper Scooper Services. Let us do the dirty work for you. Since there is no need to be home, scheduling is easy.

Our employee’s will stop by and bag all the pet waste while your at work so you can walk through your yard with confidence.

Learn more about our pooper scooper services here.


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In addition to Pet Sitting in Palm Valley, we also offer automated Dog Walking Services.  Follow the link to learn more about Dog Walking in Palm Valley.


pooper scooper palm valley

Schedule an automated Pooper Scooper in Palm Valley, FL with St. John’s Dog Walkers.


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